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 Sarai Compound Location, Master Plan, Prices and Payment Plan

قبل الذهاب في رحلتنا و الغوص في اعماق كمبوند تاج سيتى القاهرة الجديدة او كمبوند سراي التجمع الخامس وجب التنويه الي ان قرار الشراء يكمن في النفس البشرية وهي غريزة حب التملك لكن لا تنسي ان الملك لله وحده.



قبل اتخاذ قرار الشراء لابد من وجود اجابة واضحه واكيدة للاسئلة التالية​


مين من المطورين هتستثمر معاه وايه سابقة اعماله 


اهم حاجه في العقار اللوكيشن : Location Is The King


يا تري بتشتري عشان تسكن او هتستثمر

لو هتسكن يبقي لازم بعد ماتفكر في اللوكيشن تفكر في الخدمات

لو بتستثمر لازم تقرر استثمار قصير او طويل الامد

مع مين

لازم تزور الكومباوند وتشوف هتعيش فين ومع مين


ايه هي مميزات وعيوب الكمبوند لان طبعا الكمال لله وحده

لو حابب تعرف اجابات الاسئلة دي ممكن تكمل معايا قراءة 

او ممكن تتصل بينا او تملي الفورم او تكلمنا علي الواتس اب 

sarai compound new cairo

Sarai Compound Project - مشروع كمبوند سراي

Who is The Developer of Sarai Compound Project?

Madinet Masr is the developer of Sarai Compound New Cairo project By Nasr City housing development Story Start In 1959 has a previous huge experience in large project Nasr City, Sarai and Taj City Compound .

من هي الشركة المطورة لمشروع كمبوند سراي؟

شركة مدينة مصر للاسكان والتعمير

المطور العقاري لمشروع كمبوند سراي تبدأ القصة في سنة 1959 حيث تاسست الشركة. احتلت شركة مدينة نصر للإسكان والتعمير مكانة مرموقة كشركة رائد في مجال التطوير العقاري في مصر.

What you don't know about Sarai Compound Fifth Settlement

Nasr City Housing and Development Company was established in 1959 with the aim of meeting the housing needs and developing infrastructure in Egypt. Since then, the company has worked hard to achieve this goal by providing distinguished residential projects that meet customers’ aspirations.

Innovation in design and planning

From the beginning, Nasr City projects were characterized by innovative designs and good planning, which contributed to making them sought after and loved by buyers.

3. Moving to Sarai New Cairo

As a pioneer in the field of real estate development, Nasr City Company decided to move towards developing a new area called “Saray New Cairo”. This project aims to provide an integrated residential environment that meets the needs of modern life.

Sarai Compound Layout

كمبوند سراي

How The Resort Come to Cairo In Compound Sarai?

Sarai Compound Resort Life in New Cairo

Sarai Resort : Live the Resort life 

In Compound Sarai you must Be careful Your Home Surrounded by Water In Sarai compound.

Sarai Compound New Cairo welcomes you into Cairo’s first year round waterside residence, where every homeowner is promised unrivaled resort
experience. There, every home brings you the joy of living on a private beach overlooking a pristine lagoon.
Unlimited activities emerge for those with a love for exquisite lifestyles, from taking a stroll in the park to having a cozy picnic day with friends and families.

 Sarai compound is strategically located in very prime location at the Centre of Cairo Map, Sarai compound new cairo offering variety of location because Sarai located in new Cairo or sarai mostakbal city.

The Flexibility payment plan with installment up to 10 years with discount options.

 Nasr City Housing and Development Company, Sarai Compound

Sarai Compound Location

Sarai Compound Location is situated or located in new cairo, Cairo, Egypet. Minutes from all City Corners. Covering 5.5 million m2 , Sarai is strategically located on the Cairo-Suez Road. location, bringing Sarai to the heart of Cairo. It is far from the city’s traffic, noise and pollution, and is in close proximity to New Cairo as well as the following attractions 15 minutes From the Ring Road. 10 minutes From AUC campus. sarai mostakbal city 5 minutes From the The New Capital.

sarai compound map

Sarai Compound's location is in New Cairo on the Suez Road.

Sarai Compound is located in a distinctive strategic location, as it is located directly after Madinaty on the Suez Road, and it is the entrance to Mostaqbal City and the New Administrative Capital on the Al Amal Axis. The compound is located in front of New Heliopolis, near the Ring Road, the American University of Cairo (AUC) and Golden Square.

Sarai Compound's prime location is close to vital areas and main facilities in Cairo, making it an ideal choice for housing and investment. It provides easy access to major roads such as the Ring Road and its proximity to the American University and many necessary services and facilities.

Thanks to its distinguished location on Al Amal Axis and its proximity to many vital areas.

موقع كمبوند سراي القاهرة الجديدة بجوار مدينتي طريق السويس 

What is Sarai Compound Location?

Sarai Compound Location is Situated in the heart of Cairo, Sarai Compound enjoys a prime location. Next to Madinaty and directly on the Suez Road at the intersection with Al Amal Axis, the compound boasts two faces. One facing the el Shrouk on the Suez Road and the other facing Madinaty. It's just minutes away from the American University in the Fifth Settlement. That's why it's known as Sarai Compound in New Cairo, Sarai Compound in the Fifth Settlement, Sarai Compound near Madinaty, or Sarai Compound on the Suez Road. In essence, Sarai Compound's location is one of its strongest points, representing 50% of its appeal. The remaining 40% is embodied in the Crystal Lagoon, which we'll explain later, and the remaining 10% is the flexible installment plan, extending up to 10 years—an unparalleled feature in many projects. We'll delve into cash discounts and down payment percentages later.

Sarai Compound Location Brochure

Sarai Compound Location

Design of Sarai Compound, Fifth Settlement

Location map of Sarai Compound Nestled in a strategically prime position, Sarai is located ideally situated directly along the Suez Road, featuring an additional frontage on the Alamal Axis, the principal gateway to the New Capital. Near Madinaty, this exceptional location ensures easy access: 5 minutes to the New Administrative Capital, 10 minutes to Cairo International Airport, 10 minutes to the Fifth Settlement, and 20 minutes to Heliopolis. Sarai Compound New Cairo By MNHD Developer Madinet Nasr for Housing Development real estate property Company.🌟 Sarai's location on the map or sarai google satellite map, Sarai Pin District had a strategically location on the heart of the map . 

sarai compound brochure

Sarai Compound Location On Google Map

Sarai Master Plan signed By Benoy -ماستر بلان كمبوند سراي 

Sarai Master Plan Signed By Benoy

Master Plan of Sarai was developed By BENOY, THE WORLD’S MASTER PLANNING LEADERS With a global network in 60+ countries, Benoy is an established design brand, eminent for being the master planner of the Formula One race track. Signed by Benoy, Sarai’s tailored master plan represents your home’s unique elements and surroundings to reflect our appreciation for exceptionality. In addition to Benoy’s global expertise, our local experts have beautifully designed homes with bespoke interiors and warm textures that mirror Egyptian heritage and shared values – a true reflection of you and your family.

How look like The Master Plan Of Sarai Compound?

Sarai Compound Master Plan

Sarai Master Plan: If you focus on the image, you'll notice that Sarai Compound has been constructed from the inside out. Look at the division of phases, and you'll see that each phase is separate and equipped with a social club House. We've successfully completed the first, second, and third phases, and you can visit Sarai Compound to verify the accuracy of this master plan. Sarai Compound Phases: Stretching across 1200 acres, equivalent to about 2.5 million square meters, Sarai Master Plan is divided into 8 stunning phases. Let's explore them in detail. The project includes a Crystal Lagoon, a hotel, a commercial center, educational institutions such as schools and universities.

Sarai Compound Master Plan

If you look closely at the picture a little, you will find that the construction was done from the inside out and not the other way around. This indicates the genius of planning, and this is due to the long years of experience enjoyed by Nasr City for Housing and Development, where we finished delivering the first, second and third phases, and we will discuss the phases. Taj City in detail.

The area of Taj City Compound is 1040 acres, divided into 10 phases 

Add to that the hotel, the mall, the hospital, the club, the club, the schools, and the universities

For more details 

Click here 

What are the phases of Sarai Compound?

Sarai Compound Phases

Sarai Phases Master Plan

مراحل كمبوند سراي - Sarai Compound Phases

How many Phases in Sarai Compound New Cairo?

There 8 phases in Sarai Compound

Check This Master Plan you will find that

S1 or Taval Sarai

S2 Or Croons Sarai

S3 Or Cavana Lake - Spring Sarai

S4 or Elan Sarai

S5 or Rai Sarai

S6 or Touba Sarai

S7 Haven Sarai 

S8 or Sheya Sarai

Hotel - Strip Mall - University - Sports Facilities Club - SPA -  Mixed use Commercial Area. 

Taval Sarai S1 The first phase in Sarai New Cairo Compound Master plan

Taval Sarai S1 is The First Phase Sarai New Cairo Compound Standing out in close proximity to the clubhouse, Taval Sarai Compound has everything you would expect. Designed of Apartments S-Villa homes offer private living spaces that overlook backdrops of greenery. From spending a relaxing day with your family at home to sipping on a cup of tea with your neighbor at the clubhouse, every corner is designed to pulsate with life. 80% of landscape spaces and inviting swimming pools.

what is Sarai S1 Location In Sarai Compound?

Sarai S1 Taval is the first phase of the Sarai New Cairo project, established in 2016, one of the significant projects owned by Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development.

Clean air, sunset horizons, luxurious greenery, and water channels that bring life to their surroundings - this is a glimpse of daily life in Sarai Compound. It's like a paradise with swaying trees. You're welcome to jog in the morning, stroll in the afternoon, have a cup of coffee with a neighbor, or enjoy a family outing. 

Taval Sarai S1 Location in Master Plan

Taval Sarai S1 Location in Master Plan

Croons (S2) Sarai 2nd phase Location in Sarai Compound New Cairo 

Croons Sarai S2 is the 2nd Phase in Sarai Compound New Cairo, it's represents the next chapter of excellence in this visionary development. Croons Sarai S2 aims to redefine modern living. With a strategic location, a commitment to green spaces, Sarai's S2 Phase promises residents an elevated lifestyle experience. facilities Of S2 is poised to create a vibrant and thriving community within the heart of Sarai New Cairo.

Sarai Compound Phase two S2 lay out

How Look S2 Sarai Location Inside Sarai ?

Sarai S2 phase in New Cairo's Sarai represents the next chapter in this visionary development. S2 embodies a harmonious blend of innovation and evolution. Launched with precise planning and sophisticated design, the S2 phase aims to redefine modern living. With a strategic location, thoughtful amenities, and a commitment to providing green spaces, the S2 phase in Sarai New Cairo promises residents a distinctive living experience. From contemporary architecture to a range of entertainment facilities, S2 intends to create a vibrant and flourishing community in the heart of New Cairo.

Sarai Compound Phase two S2 lay out

Cavana Lake Sarai Location in Sarai Compound New Cairo

 Cavana Lake Sarai Compound Is The phase Four of Sarai New Cairo Compound. Cavana Lake Sarai is exclusively comprised of villas, offering standalone, townhouses and twin houses. strategically positioned at the heart of Sarai compound residential. The completion is expected by the first quarter of 2025.

Sarai Cavana Lake Master Plan

Sarai Compound Phase Cavana Lake - Cavana Spring

How look like Cavana Lake - Spring Sarai Master Plan?

A beachfront house in Cavana Lake Sarai New Cairo Compound is not just a dream; it's a reality with a villa surrounded by water on all sides. That moment when you find yourself facing this view, it's almost challenging to find words that adequately describe the beauty of this stage within the Sarai New Cairo Compound.

It's not just a home; it's an art and beauty where residents live. The water-surrounded villa adds a charming touch, where tranquility and natural beauty become part of your life.

80% of the area is Crystal lagoon and lakes, and 20% to green gardens. makes you realize that this is not just a home; it's a destination for beauty and luxury.

As you walk through this unique community, you'll find yourself surrounded by tranquility and beauty, discovering that words may fall short in describing such splendor.

كيف سيأتي الشاطئ الي القاهرة في كمبوند سراي؟

A beachfront house in Cavana Lake at Sarai Compound New Cairo is not just a dream but a reality embodied in a villa surrounded by water on all sides. That moment when you find yourself facing this view, it's almost hard to find words to describe the beauty of this marvelous phase within Sarai Compound New Cairo. The surrounding nature creates an exceptional experience. It's not just a home; it's art and beauty that residents live in. The water-surrounded villa adds a charming character to the place, where tranquility and natural beauty become part of your daily life.

Cavana Lake Sarai Compound Twin House Location in Master Plan

شاطئ كمبوند سراي في القاهرة الجديدة

What is the Elan Phase in Sarai compound ?

Elan Sarai is Phase five in Sarai Compound is strategically located at the Southeast corner of Sarai’s 5.5 million sqm land. The residence brings you in close proximity to Cairo’s biggest lagoon as well as signature eateries and world-class facilities. Situated on the Cairo-Suez Road, far from the city’s traffic, noise and pollution, Sarai offers direct access to New Cairo as well as other significant attractions

ما هي مرحلة ايلان في كمبوند سراي القاهرة الجديدة؟

Elan Sarai compound

Elan Phase in Sarai Location of Apartments in Master plan 

"Elan Sarai is the newest phase in Sarai Compound, located on the Cairo-Suez Road and the Axis of Al Aml. Elan is a city inspired by the character of French neighborhoods, just minutes away from the New Administrative Capital. Sarai is distinguished by the beauty of nature, diverse home designs, and the services provided. We care about providing everything you desire. You will find a whole world of entertainment, restaurants, sports, schools, famous shops, and collaboration with high-level hotels to provide distinctive services. To be close to your work, we will provide various office spaces according to your needs. We drew inspiration for the design of Elan to reflect all its distinctive meanings

What is The RAI Phase inside Sarai Compound New Cairo?

Rai Sarai Is phase six in Sarai compound, Rai Location is infront of Madinaty, is the pinnacle of luxury living. Uniquely designed units, surrounded by green spaces, offer an elevated lifestyle. Conveniently located on Suez Road, just minutes from key destinations, Rai defines the future of living in Cairo. Welcome to where luxury meets nature.

Ray Sarai is the latest project by Madinet Masr inside Sarai, it's elegance and luxury. Ray now offers various residential units with  new designs to suit your interests amidst green spaces and natural landscapes. In Sarai, you are closer to every place that matters to you. Sarai is strategically located in New Cairo on the Suez Road, making it a crucial point in the future of construction in Cairo. Sarai is situated 5 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, 10 minutes from the American University, and 15 minutes from the Ring Road.

It is considered one of the most upscale residential communities, with a large variety of units and villas that provide multiple choices according to your lifestyle. In Ray, we offer the best services for every member of your family, in terms of enjoyment and security. 

ما هي مرحلة راي في كمبوند سراي القاهرة الجديدة؟

Rai Sarai S-villa Location In Master Plan

ماستر بلان مرحلة راي داخل كمبوند سراي 

Is Haven Sarai The Last Phase In Sarai Compound New Cairo?

Yes : Your Haven Sarai, Your Lifestyle

Step into a lifestyle where luxury seamlessly integrates with nature. Haven Sarai isn't just a residence; it's a living experience. Our standalone villas, coupled with the extraordinary Club House featuring the Gem, Spa, and Lagoon, redefine the benchmarks of luxurious living in New Cairo.

ماهل مرحلة هافن اخر مرحلة من كمبوند سراي؟

هافن سراي ماستر بلان

Haven Sarai 

 It is the sixth phase of Sarai Compound, New Cairo

Since this is the last stage in Sarai Compound 

So this is your last chance to buy in Sarai Compound 

You can pay in installments at your convenience over 8 years

And because the psychological need a villa in Sarai Compound 

Then you will enjoy and invest in Sarai Compound, Fifth Settlement

You will invest and we will rent to you in Sarai Compound, New Cairo

Of course, I don't need to explain to you the beauty of the place in Sarai Compound

You  You can visit the compound yourself and see the beauty in nature.

Haven Sarai Master Plan - Located

صور كمبوند سراي من ارض الواقع - Sarai Compound Photos

sarai compound photos

Town House Design in Sarai Compound

Villas for Sale in Sarai Compound

فيلا في كمبوند سراي

S-Villa in sarai compound s villa Type

S-Villa Design in Sarai Compound


Apartments in Sarai Compound

Villa For Sale in Sarai Compound

Twin House in Sarai Compound

sarai compound prices

Sarai Compound Apartments and Villas Photo


Services of Sarai Compound, New Cairo

خدمات كمبوند سراي : نادي اجتماعي للتفاعل مع الجيران والاستمتاع بأنشطة متنوعة. مناطق مخصصة لألعاب الأطفال لتوفير تجربة ممتعة وآمنة لهم. صالات مجهزة للألعاب الرياضية لممارسة التمارين والحفاظ على لياقتك. أكبر فيو كريستال لاجون لإضفاء سحر إضافي على المكان. مسار للمشي وركوب الدراجات للاستمتاع بأوقات ممتعة في الهواء الطلق. مرافق رياضية متكاملة مثل الجيم والسبا للاسترخاء والتمرين. حمامات سباحة للاستمتاع بأجواء الصيف والاسترخاء تحت أشعة الشمس. مناطق مخصصة لركوب الخيل لتجربة مميزة لمحبي هذه الرياضة. مراكز طبية توفر لك الرعاية الصحية والخدمات الطبية المتميزة. شاطئ خاص يمنحك تجربة استجمام فريدة ولحظات لا تُنسى. كل هذه الخدمات تجعل من كمبوند سراي القاهرة الجديدة ومرحلة كافانا خيارًا ذكيًا ومثاليًا لتحقيق أسلوب حياة الفخامة والاستمتاع بكل لحظة.

كيف تم تصميم كمبوند سراي القاهرة الجديدة؟

You have the opportunity to realize your dreams and live in a world of luxury and distinction. The design of Sarai Compound carries within it the fragrance of luxury and splendor of design, and the cavana Lake phase is the smart and wise choice to fulfill those wishes.

This phase is one of the most prominent jewels of Sarai Compound, as it extends over an area of more than 50 acres of luxurious beauty and luxurious design. The structure is completely fenced to ensure your privacy, and it has a high social level that adds a touch of sophistication to your experience.

Sarai Compound

Sarai Compound 

مساحات كمبوند سراي التجمع الخامس - Sarai Compound Town house Villa, Twin House Villa, Stand Alone Villa and Apartments  

كمبوند سراي

ما هي مساحات الفيلات و الشقق في كمبوند سراي؟

Townhouses start from 174 square meters.

Comfortable studio units ranging from 56 to 60 square meters.

Elegant two-bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 125 to 179 square meters. Areas from 105 to 182 square meters. Luxurious three-bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 165 to 300 square meters. Taval Tranquility: Residential apartments from one to three bedrooms. Unit areas range from 72 to 182 square meters. Luxurious duplex apartments with four bedrooms, starting from 329 square meters.

ما هي أسعار كمبوند سراي القاهرة الجديدة؟

Conclusion in a minute
(There are 4 benefits and 4 discounts) 
Conclusion in one minute 

Since you have arrived here, you deserve or need to know the bottom line  
There are questions that are on your mind right now, and you need an answer first. 
Why should I buy in Taj City and what is the difference between Taj City and any other compound 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Taj City Compound? 
What does it mean that it is not present in Taj City 
In any other compound 
Prices, of course, are a big problem, so take advantage of the available discounts in a professional manner

Advantages and disadvantages of Taj City Compound 

The first advantage
Misr City Company since 1959. I mean, it has been strong for a long time. I mean, your money has been there for a long time. Have you taken care of the noise for a long time?😂?
The second advantage 
The third advantage 
The great location, you are literally in half of Egypt 
Fourth advantage

Prices, payment methods and discounts

Now we assume that the priceFlat 5 million Egyptian pounds 

Imagine that prices remain an advantage, yes, I swear, but focus or focus with me
You pay a 10% down payment and the rest over 8 years This means 500 thousand down payments and we divide the rest by 96 months 

You will tell me that it is normal, as this is not available in any compound I will tell you to focus on the discounts 

We have 4 discounts that we can benefit from 

Taj City discounts and benefit from them in a professional manner

The first discount: cash discount

If you are willing to pay in cash, the price will be free, with a discount of up to 39%. This means that the apartment, instead of 5 million, will cost 3,100,000 million Egyptian pounds.

Discount  the second:  (bulk) discount 
We said that the down payment is 500,000. Imagine how many pounds you will pay in addition to the 500,000 on which you will receive a discount of 70% of its value?
Meaning, if you increase the down payment with one million left, you will receive a discount on the 500,000. The increase is 70%, about 350,000. You will now have paid 1,350,000 and you will pay the remaining 5 in installments.


One million over 8 years  

Third opponent: reductionInstallment years 

Since the city of Misr is the owner of the land, it gives you a saving in that, instead of paying in installments over 8 years, if you want to pay in installments over 7 years, you will receive another discount, and the less you reduce it, the more the discount increases to the point that it can reach a 15% discount. If you pay installments over 4 years, that means about 750 thousand. If the apartment, as we said, is 5 million pounds

Fourth discount: semi-annual installment

Of course, you will pay a quarterly installment every 3 months 
Imagine that if you pay every 6 months, you will receive an 8% discount from Total, which means about 400 thousand, if the apartment is as we said, for 5 million.

سؤال الحلقة 

 هل ممكن اخد خصمين او ٣ خصومات  او اربع خصومات في نفس الوقت ؟

السؤال دا بقي هجاوب حضرتك عليه لو شرفتنا بالاتصال علي 01017517541
او ممكن تملي الفورم ونتواصل مع حضرتك علي الواتس اب

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