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Nasr City for Housing and Development MNHD - MMHD Misr City

MMHD - Misr City for Housing and Development

Join a world of luxury and beauty

Misr City for Housing and Development offers you the best opportunity to invest in the world of luxury real estate. Join a world of luxury and beauty where elegance of design meets comfort of living.

By establishing the Egypt Housing and Development City in 1959, the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser sent a strong and solemn message of development and progress. This message, which he succeeded in sending through the establishment of a government entity specialized in real estate development, constituted one of the most important steps that contributed to achieving a qualitative shift in the world of real estate in Egypt. Misr Housing and Development City is a symbol of urban development and smart real estate investment.

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A history of success and innovation

With pride and confidence, we carry a distinguished heritage of success and innovation. Since our founding in 1959, we have established a strong reputation in the world of real estate. From our first projects in developing the extension of the Abbasiya neighborhood to our current projects in “Taj City New Cairo” and “Saray New Cairo,” we carry the mark of distinction and uniqueness.

Since the founding of the Misr City for Housing and Development, the journey of progress and development has not stopped. The city is distinguished by the implementation of distinguished investment and residential projects that include modern designs and modern facilities. Among them are multiple projects that meet the various needs of residents.

At the top of these projects stands out “Taj Sultan”, a project that embodies luxury and elegance in its designs and location. This project is located in the heart of Misr Housing and Development City, making it a haven for luxury housing and an opportunity for smart investment. "Taj Sultan" offers a variety of distinct apartments and residential units, giving customers wide options that meet their preferences.

Luxury Taj City New Cairo

Taj City New Cairo is a wonderful combination of luxury and sustainability. These projects combine luxurious architectural elements with abundant green spaces, creating a unique residential environment. With its exceptional designs and distinguished services, Taj City New Cairo represents an ideal investment opportunity.

With "Taj Sultan" comes "Taj City", a project that embodies the splendor of design and thoughtful planning. This project is a place that combines luxury and green spaces, as it provides residents with an integrated environment that includes the services and facilities they need. Next to it extends “Zone Taj City”, a project that embodies the vision of the Misr City for Housing and Development in providing open and lively spaces that allow residents to enjoy nature and green life.

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Harmony Saray New Cairo

"Saray New Cairo" is a project that combines the beauty of architecture and charming tranquility. Once you enter this project, you will feel the peace and luxury surrounding you. Thanks to its attractive design and integrated services, “Saray New Cairo” turns into an irresistible investment option, with the addition of the Crystal Lagoon and swimming in its crystal waters.

An unforgettable experience at “Saray New Cairo”

Indulge in a unique experience and enjoy life at Saray New Cairo. Enjoy the magic of nature and the tranquility surrounding you, and enjoy the beautiful crystal-coloured water of the swimming fountain. Here you can relax and enjoy moments of happiness and luxury.

In addition, “Saray Compound New Cairo” stands out as one of the leading projects in Egypt Housing and Development City, as it offers an integrated concept of luxury living. The project includes a variety of residential units of different sizes, allowing customers to choose according to their needs and preferences.

The image shows a modern villa in Sarai Compound in New Cairo, Egypt. The villa is built on a hill overlooking a man-made lake. The villa is white with black accents, and it has a large terrace with a swimming pool. The terrace offers stunning views of the lake and the surrounding area. The villa is surrounded by lush greenery, and there is a walking path that leads down to the lake. The overall impression of the villa is one of luxury, elegance, and tranquility.

Taj Sultan Compound connects the present and the future

It is distinguished by an exceptional location in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in a central location linking Al-Thawra Street and Suez Road, and the most important features of its location are:

Its location is only 5 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

The location of Tag Sultan Compound near the Suez Road is easy to reach because it is close to the ring road.

Taj Sultan Compound, New Cairo, is only a few minutes apart from Teseen Street, which is the most famous and active street in the Fifth Settlement.

Taj Sultan New Cairo Compound is located opposite the famous JW Marriott Hotel, and in front of it you will find the Kempinski Hotel, the most prestigious hotel in New Cairo.

Searching for apartments for sale in Tag Sultan Compound means living near important neighborhoods in Cairo, especially Nasr City and Heliopolis, which can be reached in just 10 minutes.

The distance between the Taj Sultan New Cairo project and the New Administrative Capital, the most important Egyptian project currently, does not exceed a third of an hour.

Smart investment

We understand the importance of making smart investment decisions. For this reason, Misr City for Housing and Development offers multiple options to suit different customer needs. Whether you are looking for a luxury home or a unique investment opportunity, we are here to meet your aspirations.

In this context, the investment element that distinguishes the Misr City for Housing and Development must also be mentioned. In addition to providing a luxurious residential environment, the city's projects represent a wonderful opportunity for smart investment in the world of real estate. The projects provide the opportunity to achieve a high return on investment, whether through leasing or selling, making them an attractive option for investors.

When looking at the future of the Misr City for Housing and Development, more investment opportunities and new projects emerge that will meet the needs of the market and keep pace with urban developments. Therefore, investing in city projects represents a golden opportunity to achieve a distinguished financial return and enjoy a high quality of life.

   Taj-City excellence and quality

We guarantee you excellence and quality in every aspect of our services. Our project designs combine authenticity and modernity, with a focus on providing an exceptional residential experience. We fully understand the importance of the environment surrounding you, so we strive to provide a balanced environment that meets your needs and makes you happy.

The image shows a modern residential development called Taj City in New Cairo, Egypt. The development is made up of several high-rise buildings, villas, and townhouses, all of which are surrounded by lush greenery. The buildings are white with black accents, and the villas and townhouses are mostly white with red accents. The development has a central pool area with several fountains, as well as a number of smaller pools scattered throughout the development. There are also several playgrounds and sports courts. The overall impression of the development is one of luxury, elegance, and tranquility.

Nasr City Housing and Development Company, the company known for its strength in the field of real estate development, stands on the threshold of providing you with an exceptional experience whether in the Sarai Compound, New Cairo. Or Taj City Compound, New Cairo. These two residential projects extend between 90th Street, Madinaty, Heliopolis, and Nasr City, with a large area of 40 million square meters, creating an environment in which luxury and distinction live side by side.

What distinguishes this place is the diversity of its residential units designed to suit all tastes. There is a wide variety of options that combine unique design and diverse spaces. The compound's strategic location ensures that you will be in the center of events, with easy access to the New Administrative Capital and the Taj City district of New Cairo.

Residential unit designs combine luxury and sophistication, while providing multiple spaces that meet your needs and desires. These units are not just residences, but rather masterpieces that combine sophistication and unique design to provide an environment in which to live with the utmost comfort and distinction.

If you are looking for a sophisticated lifestyle that exudes luxury and elegance, New Cairo Saray is the ideal choice. Here, you only need a few minutes to transform your life into a luxurious and distinguished experience. You can now own your residential unit and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and distinction.

Nasr City for Housing and Development is considered a distinguished destination for investment and housing, as its urban beauty and focus on quality exceed everyone’s expectations. If you are looking for luxury and a successful investment opportunity, city projects are the perfect choice. Join our group and enjoy a unique residential and investment experience. Contact us today to benefit from the housing and investment experts at Nasr City for Housing and Development.

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