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welcome to Taj City Compound New Cairo Fifth Settlements of  MNHD Madinet Masr 

Before going on our trip and diving into the depths of Taj City Compound, New Cairo, or Sarai Compound, Fifth Settlement, it must be noted that the decision to buy lies in the human soul, which is the instinct to love ownership, but do not forget that ownership belongs to God alone.



Before making a purchase decision, there must be a clear and certain answer to the following questions​

Which ?

Which developer would you Live or invest with and what is his previous work 

where ?

The most important thing in real estate is the location : Location Is The King

Why  ?

Why you are buying ?

to live or to invest

If you are going to live, then after you think about the location, you must think about the services

If you invest, you must decide whether to invest short or long term

with who

You must visit the compound and see where you will live and with whom

what ?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the compound, because of course perfection belongs to God aloneNo


you Have to know Taj City Compound Location, Master Plan, Brochure, Phases, Prices, Payment Plan, Hotline and you have to Visit sales Office But before any thing you must visit the taj city compound to see where and with how your kid will live.


If you would like to know the answers to these questions, you can continue reading with me 

Or you can call us, fill out the form, or talk to us on WhatsApp 


Project by Madinet Nasr Madinet Nasr Housing Development: A Legacy of Excellence Delve into the legacy of Madinet Nasr, the visionary force behind Taj City Compound. With a rich history of delivering exceptional housing projects, Madinet Nasr's commitment to quality and innovation sets the stage for Taj City's grandeur.

Madinet Masr

Who is Madinet Masr Housing and Development Company?

The story began in 1959 when a decision was issued to establish  Madinet Masr Housing and Development Company  

Who is the CEO of Madinet Nasr for housing and Development?

Madinet Masr Story: Taj City New Cairo project By Nasr City housing development Story Start In 1959 has a previous huge experience in large project Nasr City , Sarai and Taj City Compound .

Madinet Masr

Taj City New Cairo Compound By MNHD

Explore luxury address of Taj City Compound, located Thawra Street, minutes to Heliopolis, Nasr City With two faces On Suez Road, Face of Cairo Airport the other face off mirage city, Jw Marriot Hotel and Kempinski Hotels in the heart of New Cairo, Egypt.

Taj City New Cairo Compound Location

Where is Taj City New Cairo Compound located?

Taj City Location : Located Taj City Compound New Cairo, extension of Thawra Street, Heliopolis, at the intersection with Ring Road compound with Two faces, first on Suez Road in front of Cairo International Airport second in front of Kempinski and Marriott hotels. 

Taj City project, One of the projects of the Madinet Masr, location of Taj City Compound is considered one of the best, strongest, and most strengths of the project, if not 90% of its strength, and the remaining 10% is represented by the flexible payment method, which is unlike anything else.

You will be confused to choose the price per meter inTaj City by yourself....!??

Taj City Location

Taj City  Located In Google Maps

Taj city District located or situated in the Centre of Cairo near to city centre and Nasr City, Developed and designed By MNHD Developer Madinet Nasr for Housing Development real estate property Company.🌟 Prime Location in Google Maps : Taj City District had a strategically location on the heart of the map . 

Explore Taj City Compound, a masterpiece on Thawra Street, minutes from Heliopolis and Nasr City, featuring dual frontages on Suez Road and by Cairo Airport. Indulge in top-tier amenities, spa, clubhouse, beauty center, pool, and exquisite dining. Discover exclusive photos and irresistible sale offers. Your dream home awaits in this Madinet Nasr housing project.

MNHD-Nasr City for Housing and Development

MNHD-Nasr City for Housing and Development

MNHD-Nasr City for Housing and Development

Taj City Hotline Location In Google Maps

How is Taj City Master Plan All phases Design and Delivery Date?

Master Plan of Taj City and Sarai Compound was developed By BENOY, THE WORLD’S MASTER PLANNING LEADERS With a global network in 60+ countries, Benoy is an established design brand, eminent for being the master planner of the Formula One race track. Signed by Benoy, Taj City’s master plan represents your home

Taj-City-MasterPlan-The picture shows the map of the general project of Taj City Compound. The map is distinguished by its beauty and splendor, as it reflects an elaborate and dazzling design. Winding streets and intermediate corridors appear between the residential units and facilities, reflecting the modern and luxurious layout of the project. The beautiful green spaces and gardens surrounding the project appear, adding a touch of natural beauty and tranquility. The distribution of facilities and services such as swimming pools, clubs and commercial areas can be seen, creating an integrated and balanced environment for living and entertainment. The buildings' interior and exterior design are characterized by luxury and elegance, making them an amazing place to live and enjoy life. The map exudes an atmosphere of beauty and uniqueness, making it an ideal destination for those looking for housing in a distinct and beautiful environment.

How is the design of Taj City Master Plan Compound?

If you look closely at the picture a little, you will find that the construction was done from the inside out and not the other way around. This indicates the genius of planning, and this is due to the long years of experience enjoyed by Madinet Masr, we finished delivering the first, second and third phases, and we will discuss the phases. Taj City in detail.

The area of Taj City Compound is 1040 acres, divided into 10 phases 

Add to that the hotel, the mall, the hospital, the club, the club, the schools, and the universities

Taj City Master Plan

Taj City Master Plan

Sarai Compound New Cairo Signature Madinet Masr Development

Sarai Compound New Cairo

One of the projects of Misr City Housing and Development Company 

The location of Sarai Compound is one of the project's strongest points, as it represents 50% of its strength, the rest is 40% of Crystal Lagoon, and the remaining 10% is represented by the flexible payment system, the likes of which is not found in many projects, and we will talk about the payment system .

 Saray is located directly on the Suez Road, a wall in a wall with Madinaty 

Minutes from Nasr City, Heliopolis, and the American University

For more details

Sarai Compound

Sarai Compound New Cairo

Sarai Compound New Cairo

What are the stages of Taj City New Cairo Compound?

 Stages of Taj City Compound There are 10 stages, including the Taj Sultan stage, the Zone T stage, Shalya stage, Clubside stage, Elect stage, Taj Villa stage,Taj Garden stage, Lake Park Residence stage, Kinda stage, and Origami Garden stage, Taj City.

مراحل كمبوند تاج سيتي القاهرة الجديدة

مراحل تاج سيتي وخدمات تاج سيتي

What are facilities in Taj City Compound?

Taj City Facilities is :

Two Hospitals.

Two International Schools Already open in 2024.

Two Collage.

Strip Mall


Sporting Club Facilities.

Club House : GYM, JAKOSY, SPA, Swimming Pools, Mosque.

Premium Restaurants & Top-Notch Retail.

Business District.

Community Centers.

Security 24/7 Hours.

Tag Sultan first phase in Taj City New Cairo

Taj Sultan Compound in Taj City New Cairo Compound the first phase of the Taj City Compound project, established in 2012 . Spanning 40 acres or 20,000 sqm, in the heart of the Centre New Cairo strategically located 

What is the difference between Taj City Compound and Taj Sultan Compound?

Taj Sultan Compound is the first phase or the eldest son of Taj City. It is a luxury residential project located in the heart of Taj City Compound, and is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design. The compound was established in 2012. The area of the phase is about 40 acres and 20 thousand square meters.

It is considered a real move to the world of development and the literal implementation of the word compound in its current meaning as a high level of privacy, comfort.

toMore details, location, master plan, divisions, realistic photos, and videos

Tag Sultan Compound

صورة تُظهر بوابة مدخل كمبوند تاج سلطان السكني في القاهرة الجديدة. تتميز البوابة بتصميم أنيق وحديث، وهي مزودة بنظام أمان متكامل. تظهر عناصر الأمان على شكل حواجز وكاميرات مراقبة مثبتة استراتيجيًا حول المنطقة المحيطة بالبوابة، مما يضمن سلامة وأمان سكان المجمع. تتيح البوابة وجود أمن مشدد لمنطقة تاج سلطان، مما يعزز من راحة السكان ويخلق بيئة مأمونة ومحمية.

Tag Sultan Compound

Zone T Taj City Located in Taj City New Cairo 

T Zone Taj City is Phase Two Of Taj City project. Established in 2018, Taj City Zone T Extension Of Taj City design that blends luxury with elegance.Taj City residential real estate offers living spaces, lush gardens, Beauty Centre, swimming pools, Limited Apartments, Villa and 24/7 security. Enjoy your oasis in Taj City.

ما هو كمبوند زون تي تاج سيتي والفرق بينه وبين تاج سيتي؟

The photo shows a detached villa located in Zone T Taj City. The villa is distinguished by its exquisite and elegant design, equipped with private swimming pools and a beautiful garden. The swimming pool can be clearly seen in the photo, as it adds a touch of beauty and freshness to the place. The garden surrounds the villa and includes a variety of plants and trees that add to the beauty of the scene. The villa provides space and privacy for residents, and offers a quiet and comfortable environment to enjoy times of rest and relaxation.

T Zone T Taj City

Zone T Taj City is the second phase of the Taj City project,It was established by Madinet Masr in 2018.

 Zone T has design that combines luxury .

 The strategic location is minutes into the heart of New Cairo, making it close to the vital areas in Cairo. Zone T Taj City offers a variety of residential apartments, from luxury apartments.

 Zone Taj City has many facilities and services, such as beautiful gardens, swimming pools, and social and sports clubs. It also has advanced infrastructure and 24/7 security to ensure the comfort and safety.

 For More photo, Details, pay plans taj city 

T Zone T Taj City

Shalya Taj City Located in Taj City new Cairo

Shalya Lake Park Taj City Is Phase Three of Taj City Compound in Centre New Cairo.

🌟 Features 80% Lake park and swimming pool lagoon. 🏗 Established in 2020, delivery.📍Prime location Situated in Taj City in front of Mirage City, Jw Marriot Hotel and Kempinski Hotel, luxurious Types of apartments available in Lake park Taj City residential , Largest Villas with open view Start 455 Sqm on offer.

What is Lake Park Residence?

Shalya Taj City is the third phase of Taj City Compound, New Cairo 

This stage is gated with own club house. 

It was established in 2020 and is being delivered

One of the best compounds in the community 

Changing its location in front of the Kempinski Hotel, the front view became the Lagoon and the back view became the Kempinski Hotel. Comfortable one-room studios and apartments starting from 3 bedrooms. Villas for sale in Taj City Shalya.

 For More photos, price, payment and Reviews Available units in lake park taj city offers Click here 

Shalya Taj City

Shalya Taj city 2024

Shalya Taj City

 Club Side Taj City Location in The Centre of Taj City New Cairo Compound

Clubside taj City is phase Five of Taj City new Cairo. Established in 2023. location Thawra Street Road Or Suez Road and intersects with the Ring Road, Enjoy Taj City clubhouse, Spa, Beauty Centre land scape in Clubside Taj City, spaces starting from 70 square meters space, Offers limited apartments, Special launch discounts available.

Club-Side-Taj-City-The picture shows the Club Side apartments in the Taj City project. The image is distinguished by its beauty and charm, as it reflects an elegant and attractive design. Distinctive apartments can be seen in the middle of the scene, overlooking a huge and beautiful garden. The green space extends to cover a large part of the landscape, adding a touch of tranquility and natural beauty. The apartments represent a unique and sophisticated architecture, with precise details and elegant design that combines luxury and elegance. The huge garden gives the place an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility, making it an ideal place to live and rest. Apartments in Club Side combine the beauty of design with the splendor of the outside view, creating an exceptional residential experience.

Club Side Taj City

What Is Club Side Taj City Stage?

 Club Side taj City is the fourth phase of Taj City Compound, New Cairo. It was established in 2023

The location is one of its features, as it extends from   the Suez Road directly with the Ring Road.

The most important feature of this stage is the presence of   Change in buildings

The buildings are distinguished by their ground floor + 3 floors and the presence of a loft villa for the first timeOnce in Taj City New Cairo, great services and Social Club 

 For More photos, total price, payment, premium installment and Reviews Available sale units

Club Side Taj City

Elect Taj City Location in The Centre Of Taj City New Cairo

Step into the elegance of Taj Elect Taj City, the fifth chapter in Taj City New Cairo Phases. approximately 180,000 square meters, Designed by Developer Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development Company, this 2022 gem offers exclusive Twin and Town House , Facilities Clubhouse, pool, Spa with attractive prices and discounts

Taj city Elect or Elect Taj City is the fifth phase of project Taj City New Cairo is one of the most beautiful projects in Nasr City for Housing.

It was established in 2022, with an area of about 180 thousand square meters. What distinguishes it is that it is only villas 

A gated phase, which is limited to privacy enthusiasts, with the presence of the Crystal Lagoon and its own clubhouse, with no apartments in Taj City Elect, a villa whose residents enjoy more comfort and privacy. Villas for sale in Elect are available at prices that suit the beauty of the place,  prices and discounts.

The image shows the overall project map of the Elect area in Taj City. The map is distinguished by its elaborate and attractive design, as it shows the comprehensive layout of the region in its various dimensions. Beautiful streets and corridors appear in the middle of the area, with green spaces and open areas that add a touch of natural beauty to the scene. The distribution of residential and commercial units can be seen on the map, reflecting the diversity and modern planning of the project. Services and facilities such as schools, mosques and parks appear, making the area a complete and balanced place to live and enjoy. The map exudes a spirit of innovation and beauty, making it an ideal choice for those who want to live in a thoughtful and beautiful environment.

Why Elect Taj City Is The Best Stage?

 For More photos, prices, payment plan,Services installment, Reviews Available units Click here 

Elect Taj City

Elect Taj City

Taj Ville Taj City Located in Taj City New Cairo Compound

Taj Ville Taj City : The sixth phase of Taj City project . Living in 2023. 🏰 Location On Suez Road, facing Kempinski Hotel, Marriot Hotel Minutes to Heliopolis Close to city centre and Nasr City. exclusive space apartment, Twin and Town houses with unparalleled Luxurious lifestyle Hotels services. 🌟 Explore opportunity for lifestyle house at Centre of Taj city Town the Capital of Egypt.

What is difference between Taj Ville and Taj City?

An image shows a villa in the Taj Villa project. The villa is distinguished by its striking beauty, reflecting an elegant and luxurious design. The villa appears overlooking stunning lake views and beautiful green gardens. The lakes can be clearly seen in the photo, giving the place a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Lush gardens extend around the villa, adding to the beauty of the scenery and adding a touch of picturesque nature. The villa's view of the lakes and gardens makes it an ideal place to enjoy the stunning views and peaceful atmosphere. The villa represents an upscale destination for those looking to live in an environment that combines natural beauty and luxurious design.

Taj Villa Taj City

Taj City Taj Villa is the sixth phase within the Taj City New Cairo project

 .It was launched in 2023, and the area of the stage is about 200 thousand square meters, fenced. 

The distinguished location is one of its advantages because it is located directly on the Suez Road and in front of the Kempinski Hotel, minutes from the City Center Mall, Almaza and the New Settlement 

 The entire phase is nautical, the phase is villas only, what is most distinguished by it is the tranquility with the presence of the Crystal Lagoon with lakes and swimming pools and the provision of many and integrated services 

Available villas in Taj, villas, apartments, and villas for sale, with areas starting from

From 225 square meters, competitive prices and distinctive prices at comfortable prices  

At a price starting from a down payment of one million Egyptian pounds, all projects of the Misr City Company are delivered in installments over 8 years at the best prices of Egyptian pounds.

 You can search for the design of your unit, search and book prices now for your apartment within days

 For More Videos, prices, premium View and Available Sale Reviews Types Offer don't Search Just Click here 

Taj VIlle Taj City

Kinda Taj City Compound Located in Taj City New Cairo Map

Kinda Taj City Compound the seventh phase within the Taj City New Cairo. Launched in 2021, Taj City project Situated or located in The Centre of capital Egypt The Address Located in Extension of Suez Road with cyrcle Road face of Cairo airport close to Centre of Nasr City tajcity face of largest luxurious famous Hotel In Egypt Marriot Hotel and Kempinski Hotel on Maadi high road choose your apartments, Town Houses 

Kinda Taj City is the seventh stage  Inside the Taj City Compound New Cairo projectThe stage was launched in 2021 and one of its most important features. 

It delivers Ultra Super Luxe fully finished finish with air conditioners.

 The stage is about 220 thousand square meters, or a quarter of a million square metres.

The most distinguished location among Nasr City Housing and Development Company projects. 

Strategic location: Taj City is located in the most vital location in the newest and upcoming areas in Cairo, providing you with easy access to major landmarks and services.

Unique designs: The residential units are distinguished by their modern and comfortable designs, with special attention to the smallest details to ensure an exceptional living experience.

Multiple facilities: In Taj City Compound, enjoy the refreshing swimming pools, fitness halls equipped with the latest technology, and green spaces.

Unit areas: The area of residential apartments starts from 150 square meters.

Prices: Prices available for Taj City Compound with a down payment starting from one million Egyptian pounds, with the rest paid in installments over 7 years 

Round-the-clock security in Taj City: The project provides integrated security to ensure comfort, luxury, and your safety at all times.

What is Kinda Compound?

The picture shows a villa in Kinda Taj City. The villa is distinguished by its unique beauty, as it reflects a distinctive and attractive design. The villa appears overlooking stunning views of lakes and green gardens. The lakes can be clearly seen in the photo, adding a peaceful and magical atmosphere to the place. Green gardens extend around the villa, adding a touch of natural beauty and charm to the scene. The villa's view of the lakes and gardens makes it an exceptional place to enjoy the wonderful natural scenery and relaxing tranquility. The Kainda villa represents a wonderful combination of unique design and picturesque surroundings, making it an ideal choice for those looking for beauty and comfort in one place.

 For More photo, start price, plans, services,  Available Services of kinda taj city Click here 

Kinda Taj City Compound

Kinda Taj City

Orgami Gardens Taj City The Centre Of Taj City Compound 

Origami Gardens Taj City The Last Phase in Taj City Compound Located or Situated in the heart of Taj City Developed By Madinet Masr for housing and development property. New Experience waiting, more Facilities, land scape, Luxurious Apartment Choose your Town Villa Now 

Sale Now, Lunching Now, Contact Us Now

The photo shows the luxurious Origami Taj City Villa in the Taj City project. The villa features a charming view of the sea, where the blue waters can be seen extending to the horizon. The villa is surrounded by a huge and picturesque garden, which includes a variety of plants and trees. Natural beauty and greenery extend along the length of the place, adding a touch of peace and tranquility. The interior and exterior design of the villa is characterized by luxurious and elegant touches, with harmony between colors and materials that harmoniously reflect beauty and elegance. The villa combines the beauty of the landscape and the splendor of interior design, creating an exceptional experience for those who live there.

Origami Gardens Taj City

Origami Taj City is the eighth phase of Taj City Compound

Since this is the last stage in Taj City 

So this is your last chance to buy in  Taj City 

You can pay in installments at your convenience over 8 years

And because the psychiatrist needs a villa in Taj City 

Then you will enjoy and invest in Taj City

You will invest and we will rent to you in Taj City Compound, New Cairo

Of course, I don't need to explain to you the beauty of the place in Taj City

You  You can visit the compound yourself and see the beauty in nature

 For More photo, start prices,  Available Town Villa of Origami taj city Sale Now Click here 

Origami Gardens Taj City

Conclusion in a minute
(There are 4 benefits and 4 discounts) 
Conclusion in one minute 

What are the prices, discounts and payment methods in Taj City? 

Since you have arrived here, you deserve or need to know the bottom line  
There are questions that are on your mind right now, and you need an answer first. 
Why should I buy in Taj City and what is the difference between Taj City and any other compound 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Taj City Compound? 
What does it mean that it is not present in Taj City 
In any other compound 
Prices, of course, are a big problem, so take advantage of the available discounts in a professional manner

What is advantages and disadvantages of Taj City Compound?

The first advantage
Madinet Masr Company since 1959. I mean, it has been strong for a long time. I mean, your money has been there for a long time. Have you taken care of the noise for a long time?😂?
The second advantage 
The third advantage 
The great location, you are literally in half of Egypt 
Fourth advantage

Prices, payment methods and discounts

Now we assume that the price Flat 5 million Egyptian pounds 

Imagine that prices remain an advantage, yes, I swear, but focus or focus with me
You pay a 10% down payment and the rest over 8 years This means 500 thousand down payments and we divide the rest by 96 months 

You will tell me that it is normal, as this is not available in any compound I will tell you to focus on the discounts 

We have 4 discounts that we can benefit from 

what is Taj City discounts and benefit from them in a professional manner?

The first discount: cash discount

If you are willing to pay in cash, the price will be free, with a discount of up to 39%. This means that the apartment, instead of 5 million, will cost 3,100,000 million Egyptian pounds.

Discount  the second:  (bulk) discount 
We said that the down payment is 500,000. Imagine how many pounds you will pay in addition to the 500,000 on which you will receive a discount of 70% of its value?
Meaning, if you increase the down payment with one million left, you will receive a discount on the 500,000. The increase is 70%, about 350,000. You will now have paid 1,350,000 and you will pay the remaining 5 in installments.


One million over 8 years  

Third opponent: reduction Installment years 

Since the Taj city is the owner of the land, it gives you a saving in that, instead of paying in installments over 8 years, if you want to pay in installments over 7 years, you will receive another discount, and the less you reduce it, the more the discount increases to the point that it can reach a 15% discount. If you pay installments over 4 years, that means about 750 thousand. If the apartment, as we said, is 5 million pounds

Fourth discount: semi-annual installment

Of course, you will pay a quarterly installment every 3 months 
Imagine that if you pay every 6 months, you will receive an 8% discount from Total, which means about 400 thousand, if the apartment is as we said, for 5 million.

Episode question 
Can I take two discounts?3 discounts Or four discounts at the same time?

I will answer this question if you honor us by calling 01017517541
Or you can fill out the form and we can contact you on WhatsApp

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