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Taj City New Cairo Compound - Taj City New Cairo Compound

Luxurious Apartments in Taj City New Cairo - An Aerial View of Elegant Urban Living Spaces

PrepareTaj City Compound, New Cairo A spacious residential complex extending over an area of 900 acres, equivalent to 3.4 million square metres. The developers took advantage of the companyMisr City for Housing and DevelopmentThis large area is designed to create an oasis of green spaces, water bodies, and swimming pools, as only 18% of the area is reserved for residential and commercial buildings. This luxurious complex offers a variety of residential unitsAnd commercial, including studios, duplexes, villas, and commercial units, all of which were designed and planned by the Belgian company in cooperation with the Nasr City Housing and Development Company.
It is considered the Misr City Housing and Development Company One of the most prominent real estate developers in the Egyptian market, with its history dating back to 1959, the company has succeeded in completing many real estate projects, including the Strip Mall in New Cairo, the Saray Compound in New Cairo, and the Taj Sultan Compound.
Enjoy Taj City New Cairo Compound With a prime location near main roads and streets, it is easily accessible and only minutes away from the surrounding areas. The complex is located on the Cairo-Suez Road, which is the lifeline of New Cairo and connects it to the neighboring areas, specifically with the extension of Al-Thawra Street in Heliopolis. It is also located in two distinct locations: the first at the entrance to Cairo International Airport, and the second near the Marriott Hotel and Kempinski Hotel, near Mirage City and the Police Academy, five minutes from Nasr City and New Cairo, half an hour from the New Administrative Capital, and a quarter of an hour from the center. City.
If you are looking for a luxury residential complex in New Cairo, look no further than Taj City New Cairo Compound.

For more information about Taj City New Cairo Compound, please click on the link.

Discover the epitome of elegance in Taj City New Cairo's breathtaking apartments

Features of Taj City New Cairo Compound 

Features of Taj City New Cairo Compound Which makes it the ideal place to live and enjoy a comfortable and integrated lifestyle. This luxurious residential project includes many high-end services that include infrastructure and services

Commercial and recreational. In addition, Taj City Compound contains various residential spaces that suit the requirements and needs of different customers.

Services are distinguishedTaj City Compound With a complete security system that ensures 24-hour security and the presence of surveillance cameras everywhere, in addition to the presence of commercial centers and malls that include the most famous international and local brands for an enjoyable shopping experience. The compound also includes a large sports club, a fully equipped gym for practicing all exercises and the latest sports machines and tools, and a spa equipped to the highest level to provide the best service for recreation and relaxation. The compound also includes 5-star hotels of international standards.

In addition to entertainment services, Taj City New Cairo Compound also includes integrated educational services and there is an international school with all levels of education. The compound also contains medical centers and clinics equipped with the latest medical methods and devices, in addition to branches of many banks to facilitate financial transactions for residents.

مدينة مصر للاسكان والتعمير تقدم تاج سيتي القاهرة الجديدة

Taj City New Cairo

Nasr City for Housing and Development is considered one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, and is known for providing many wonderful residential and commercial projects. One of the most prominent of these projects is Taj City Compound, which is considered one of the best residential complexes in Cairo.

  •  Misr City Company contracted: a leader in developing urban projects

  • Welcome to the world of urban project development with Misr City Company. We take pride in a long history of development and success in bringing about positive change in cities. Learn about our special story:

  • Founding of the city of Egypt

  • Our journey began in 1959 when the Misr City Company was established by order of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Our company began developing an extension of the Abbasiya neighborhood on an area estimated at 2,000 acres.

  • Exceptional projects

  • Since then, we have implemented exceptional projects that have shaped the face of Cairo. The most prominent of these projects:

  • Cairo International Stadium: It is one of the most prominent stadiums in the Middle East, and it is an architectural masterpiece that combines luxury and sports performance.

  • Musal Mustafa Al-Nahhas and Abbas Al-Akkad Streets: The infrastructure projects we have created reflect our vision of improving the lives of the community.

  • Taj City, Taj Sultan, Zone T Taj City and Chalia Taj City projects: We always strive to bring about change by developing integrated communities that meet the needs of their residents.

  • Challenges and achievements

  • Our story combines challenges and achievements. We have proven our ability to achieve the aspirations of society through our distinguished and innovative projects.

  • Future vision

  • Our future requires continuous innovation and development. We seek to continue improving the infrastructure and developing residential and commercial projects that meet the needs of the current generation and future generations.

Description of Taj City's location:Taj City is located in the 5th settlement area of New Cairo, Egypt.It is situated on the Ring Road, opposite the Kempinski Hotel.It is also close to the Cairo Festival City Mall and the Cairo International Airport.

 Location of Taj City Compound, New Cairo

  • Get ready to live in a world connected to all the places you love and need. It is the location of Taj City Compound, New Cairo, where comfort and ease are present in everythingdirectione.

  • Two gateways to a world of comfort

  • We have the honor to offer you an exceptional opportunity to discover your dream location in Taj City Compound - Fifth Settlement!?

  •  We realize the importance of location when searching for your new home or a distinguished investment opportunity, and that is why we offer you this distinguished and unique location.

  • Taj City Compound extends along Al Thawra Street with the intersection with Maadi Ring Road, making it a central axis that connects you to the most important areas of Cairo. What distinguishes this site is its two distinct facades, the first overlooking Airport Gate 2 on the Suez Road, and the second overlooking the Mirage City area and upscale international hotels such as the Kempinski, the Marriott Hotel, and Cairo  Festival, Police Academy, First Settlement, 10 minutes from 90th Street, and minutes from Al-Rehab City and the American University. .

  • The location of Taj City Compound is not only distinctive in terms of its proximity to vital places, but it also guarantees you easy access to other important areas in Cairo. Thanks to its distinguished location, you can reach the Fifth Settlement in just half an hour, and even the New Administrative Capital in just three hours.

  • Choosing a suitable location is the key to achieving a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle, and from this standpoint we offer you this opportunity to benefit from a unique location in Taj City Compound. It is your opportunity to own your new home in a place that combines luxury, comfort and easy access to everything you need..

  • We are here to help you realize your dream of having your perfect home or a successful investment opportunity. Join the Taj City Compound family and enjoy a unique lifestyle and a privileged location

  • .

  • Close to every place you love

  • Enjoy a wonderful view from the front of the compound, where you can see Mirage City, the Kempinski Hotel, and the Marriott. In addition, Taj City Compound is only minutes away from Nasr City and 5 minutes away from Heliopolis. Don't forget, when you step outside the compound, you will find yourself in the Fifth Settlement area within just three hours, but if you decide to enjoy the lifestyle of the future, you have to cross the street and you will find yourself in the New Administrative Capital within a short time.

  • Own your place in the world of ease

  • Join Taj City Compound and benefit from the wonderful location that puts you in the heart of everything you need. Make moving and exploring the city easy and convenient, and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and diversity.

  • It's time to make the dream come true

  • The location of your dreams is now at your fingertips. Book your unit in Taj City Compound and enjoy luxury and proximity to everything you love. Move towards a long-awaited dream, and live a life that touches all the places you love.

image to taj city new cairo huge gardens in front of the building

Taj City services

An exceptional experience in Taj City New Cairo Compound : Achieve your lofty dreams with a unique lifestyle

Let us take you on a tour through the world of luxury and opulence, where everything you dream of is embodied in Taj City Compound. We offer you the opportunity to live in an unparalleled style, where natural beauty meets unique designs and distinguished services, to enjoy a life full of comfort and distinction.

Unparalleled security

In Taj City Compound, you will live in a safe and effectively protected environment. The security and guarding team works around the clock to ensure your safety and the safety of your family members. The complex is equipped with the latest technology in the field of security, including surveillance cameras spread throughout the area to constantly monitor matters.

A world of beauty and comfort

With Taj City Compound, you will not only experience ordinary housing, but you will also have a unique experience full of beauty and comfort. Enjoy the vast green spaces, refreshing swimming pools and quiet areas that are specially designed to meet your needs and give you moments of relaxation.

Outstanding international education

We believe in the importance of education, and that is why we have provided recognized international schools within Taj City Compound. Your children can benefit from a global education of the highest quality, as distinguished educational curricula are offered that meet their needs and future aspirations.

Distinctive health care

Your concern for your health is invaluable, which is why we provide you with high-quality healthcare services. There is an International Hospital within the complex, where you can access medical care with high levels of quality and efficiency.

Entertainment facilities that mimic your dreams

Whether you are interested in shopping, enjoy leisure time, or want to get fit, you will find everything you need in Taj City Compound. The integrated mall offers you a unique shopping experience, while the sports club gives you the opportunity to exercise and relax.

Enjoy a life full of relaxation and entertainment

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy an enjoyable life, full of entertainment and relaxation. Your private club and clubhouse offers a range of leisure facilities, including a gym, spa areas and swimming pools, where you can spend an enjoyable and relaxing time.

An investment in your future

In addition to the high life, you can take advantage of the opportunity for smart investing. Housing demand in Taj City Compound is constantly rising, making it a good investment option that can bring benefits in the future.

Take a step towards an extraordinary life

We invite you to join Taj City Compound and explore the luxurious accommodations, exclusive facilities, and upscale experience we offer. Contact us at [phone number] for more information or visit our website for more details.

Invest in Taj City Compound and live an unparalleled life - luxury and comfort await you

The image shows a beautiful garden in Taj City, a residential development in New Cairo, Egypt. The garden is lush and green, with a variety of flowers, trees, and shrubs. There is a central fountain in the garden, and there are several benches where people can sit and relax. The overall impression of the garden is one of peace and tranquility.

Design of Taj City New Cairo Compound: exceptional concept and planning

Taj City in New Cairo is considered one of the distinctive and exciting real estate projects in the Fifth Settlement area. This urban compound enhances the idea of high-end living and luxury through its smart design and innovative planning.

Taj City Compound was designed on a huge area of 1,040 acres, providing spacious areas for buildings, services, and facilities. The general design of the compound is characterized by the diversity of residential units and their strategic distribution to meet the diverse needs of residents.

Taj City Compound includes ground buildings and 3 floors, in addition to ground buildings and 5 floors, in addition to high-end townhouse and twin house designs. The project was also divided into several distinct villa phases, such as the “Origami Taj City” phase and the “Taj Villa” phase.

There are various stages in Taj City Compound to meet the different needs and tastes of customers. These phases include the Taj Sultan Compounds, Zone T Taj City, Chalia Taj City, Clubside Taj City, Kinda Taj City, Elect Taj City, Origami Taj City, and Cobalt Taj City.

The design of Taj City also features spacious green spaces and integrated facilities. The compound offers open areas and charming landscapes that create a calm and beautiful environment for residents. In addition, it is characterized by the presence of entertainment facilities and distinguished services such as swimming pools, sports fields, restaurants and cafes.

Through its unique and elaborate design, Taj City Compound provides an exceptional residential experience that combines luxury and comfort. The compound aims to provide an ideal environment to live and enjoy a distinguished lifestyle.

Taj City in New Cairo is one of the most prominent real estate projects that combines luxury and innovative design, and it offers you an exceptional and integrated residential experience in the heart of the New Capital. Through this page, we will take you on a comprehensive tour of the phases of Taj City New Cairo Compound, which includes nine distinct phases that reflect an upscale and diverse lifestyle.

1. Taj Sultan Compound: The Taj Sultan phase captivates you with its sophisticated and luxurious architectural style. A variety of residential units are offered, from apartments to villas, to meet your needs and desires.

2. Zone T Taj City Compound: It is characterized by green spaces and various sports facilities, making it the ideal place for families looking for an active and enjoyable life.

3. Shalya Taj City: Enjoy the spirit of the sea and relaxation in the Shalya stage, as it offers residential units overlooking stunning views and beautiful bodies of water.

4. Club Side Taj City: Enjoy luxury and comfort in Club Side Compound, as it offers residential units designed with the highest levels of quality and design.

5. Kinda Taj City: Kinda phase combines natural beauty and tranquility, and offers residential units surrounded by greenery and open spaces.

6. Taj Villa: The Taj Villa phase shines with the finest styles of luxury villas, where you can enjoy privacy and luxury.

7. Elect Taj City: It offers modern, high-quality residential units, making it the ideal choice for those looking for comfort and distinction.

8. Origami Taj City: It is characterized by innovative designs and spacious spaces, offering you the opportunity to own a unique residential unit.

9. Cobalt Taj City: It combines elegance and comfort, offering you carefully designed residential units with high-quality details.

In short, Taj City New Cairo Compound offers a luxurious and diverse residential experience across nine unique phases. Enjoy the stunning architectural designs, distinguished services, green environment, and diverse spaces, all in a strategic location in the heart of the New Capital. Choose luxury and quality with Taj City Compound, and make your housing dreams come true.

image to apartments in taj city new cairo compound with landscape

 Areas of Taj City Compound, New Cairo

Choose the space that suits your dreams in Taj City Compound

Let us offer you an amazing selection of residential unit spaces, where you can choose what suits your needs and dreams. Start your journey towards comfort and excellence with the space of your dreams.

Diverse spaces that embrace your dreams

Whether you are looking for a small space for comfortable living or a large space to host your loved ones, Taj City Compound offers you a variety of spaces. It starts from 57 meters and reaches 288 meters, in addition to the availability of duplexes, penthouses, villas, townhouses, twin houses, and stand-alone villas.

Start your stability journey:

Choosing the perfect space is the first step towards a life full of luxury. Enjoy the space that allows you to design your home as you want, and begin the journey of settling in a place that meets your expectations.

A space that reflects your personality

No matter how diverse or unique your personality is, there is a space in Taj City Compound that reflects it amazingly. Find a space that suits your needs and gives you the comfort and privacy you need.

Reserve your space now:

what are you waiting for? Reserve your favorite space now and get ready to build a perfect life. Enjoy luxury, choose the space that suits you, and begin your journey towards comfort and excellence

Prices of Taj City Compound, New Cairo

Own the best prices and fantastic offers 

Do you dream of the perfect, elegant residence at irresistible prices? Let us offer you a bouquet of attractive options to achieve your dreams.

Amazing prices with payment facilities:

  • For cash paymentBenefit from a 38% discount on the total price and own it at the best prices.

  • Choose the installment and start your journey of owning a new home​

A special surprise for you:

won'tTo make the deal more attractive, we offer you a discount b50% on any deposit 

Call now and reserve your place:

This is the right moment to realize your dream of ownership.

To communicate, call 01017517541

Reserve your unit at the best prices and exclusive offers.

Seize this golden opportunity and book your unit today!?

If you are looking for competitive prices, Taj City provides you with competitive prices and convenient payment systems
Choose the price per meter yourself..!?

With 25% down payment, installments over 4 years, the price per square meter is 17,500 EGP 
With 20% down payment, installments over 5 years, the price per square meter is 19,000 EGP 
With 15% down payment, installments over 6 years, the price per square meter is 20,000 EGP 
With 10% down payment, installments over 7 years, the price per square meter is 22,000 EGP 

With 5% down payment, installments over 8 years, the price per square meter is 24,700 EGP


a surprise : 50% discount on any down payment or bank 
If you want to invest or live in Cairo, the Taj City project is worth considering, as it provides a prime location,

Diverse residential units, competitive prices, and convenient payment systems. For more information and to watch the video of the project, please visit the link

For contact and inquiries
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